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Wrongful Death Archives

Off-duty New York officer dead in fatal accident

An off-duty NYPD detective was tragically killed when a suspected drunk driver struck his vehicle, according to local sources. The fatal accident happened early on Feb. 27, and apparently involved only the two vehicles. The driver of the other car was also seriously injured when first responders got him out of his vehicle, and he is currently undergoing treatment as well as being investigated for potential intoxication. No formal charges have been filed by New York authorities. 

1 child dead in fatal accident in New York

A terrible tragedy befell a Bronx school on the afternoon of October 24, when a vehicle jumped a curb and struck a group of people head-on. The fatal accident left one 8-year-old girl dead and nine other individuals with various injuries. New York police are still in the process of determining what caused the accident, but so far, they have not filed charges against the driver involved. 

New York man dead following fatal accident in Kings County

A New York man struck by a speeding minivan has died, according to local news reports. The fatal accident happened in Brooklyn on the night of June 28 outside a popular bar. The man deemed responsible for the accident has been arrested and charged with leaving the scene of an accident and aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

Boy dies in fatal accident in New York after being hit by van

One of a parent's worst fears is hearing that his or her child has been killed in an accident. Perhaps what is worse than hearing such news is seeing the frightening scene unfold before one's eyes. One mother recently faced this fatal accident situation in New York, which cost her the life of her 5-year-old son.

New York pedestrian killed in fatal accident with a city bus

The streets of New York are generally a busy place. Cars, cabs, buses and pedestrians seem to be everywhere. With the high amount of motor and foot traffic, no one can be too careful when venturing out into the city. Unfortunately, despite any precautions drivers and pedestrians may take, accidents still happen. Auto-pedestrian incidents in particular typically have tragic outcomes, many of which may result in a fatal accident.

Woman killed in fatal accident in New York

A pregnant woman was tragically killed on Feb. 13 when a privately-owned snow removal vehicle apparently struck her. The fatal accident remarkably left her unborn child unscathed, but the New York resident did not survive. Police say they have questioned the driver, but they have not yet filed formal charges against him.

Man charged in New York accident may face possible wrongful death

Motor vehicle accidents occur every day and much more often than most New York residents would like to admit. Many accidents result in serious car accident injuries and vast vehicle damage. When two or more vehicles are involved in a car accident, it is possible that fatalities will result, which then may spark wrongful death claims. Unfortunately, a serious car accident with fatalities happened in New York last year.

Fatal accident leaves 9-year-old boy dead in New York

Tragedy struck Fort Greene, Brooklyn on Nov. 2 when a car struck several pedestrians after leaving the road. The fatal accident claimed the life of a 9-year-old boy and injured three other people, according to New York police arriving on the scene. No criminal charges have been filed in association with the accident, but the investigation is ongoing.

Fatal accident in New York leaves child dead

A horrifying accident has left a 5-year-old child dead on Sept. 26, according to local law enforcement. This tragic, fatal accident happened in the New York borough of Brooklyn in the mid-afternoon. New York police are still investigating the accident, and no charges have been filed so far.

Fatal accident claims 2 lives in New York

A horrific crash has resulted in two deaths according to local law enforcement sources. A motorcyclist and his passenger, longtime friends according to their families, were killed in a fatal accident involving an SUV on Sept. 14. Preliminary investigations suggest the driver of the motorcycle may have been at fault for the accident, though New York officials are still investigating.