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Car accident injures John Wayne Bobbitt

A man who made headlines in 1993 when he was famously attacked by his estranged wife has been injured in a more conventional accident, according to local news sources. New York state emergency personnel responded to a car accident that injured 47-year-old John Wayne Bobbitt on Nov. 11. Though injured, he is expected to make a full recovery. Police have not commented on whether they will be pressing charges against the driver who injured him. 

According to the accident report, Bobbitt was crossing through an intersection when another driver failed to stop at a red light. The other driver t-boned Bobbitt in the middle of the intersection, causing serious damage to both cars. Apparently, Bobbitt had been on his way to his brother’s house in Buffalo at the time. 

Bobbitt suffered a slipped disc and a fractured vertebrate in his neck as a result of the accident. He is expected to recover in time, and no permanent damage seems to have been done. There was no word in this report about the state of the other driver, but no one else seems to have been injured in the crash. It is unknown whether police have the other driver in custody at this time. 

Should he so desire, Mr. Bobbitt is entitled under New York state law to file a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver involved in the car accident, even if no criminal charges are filed. If sufficient evidence of wrongdoing exists, Mr. Bobbitt may be entitled to financial remuneration to help cover his medical costs. Such a suit is handled in a civil court setting, and financial compensation is handled by that branch of the court system. 

Source: New York Daily News, “John Wayne Bobbitt breaks neck in car crash“, Meg Wagner, Nov. 14, 2014