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February 2012 Archives

Car accident: Former Newburgh officer guilty in hit-and-run case

In November 2011, a Newburgh police officer was found guilty of a hit-and-run car accident that took place in Marlborough, New York, back in 2009. In what appears to have been an unlikely turn of events, a man who was sworn to serve and protect will serve three years in a state prison for his role in the accident. According to a report from Your News Now, on top of the hit-and-run car accident conviction, jurors also found the officer guilty of insurance fraud and falsifying business records.

Wrongful death? Driver flees after vehicle kills young man

New York motorists have a duty to drive carefully and with a due regard to public safety. When they breach that duty, serious accidents can occur, resulting in personal injury or even wrongful death. Tragically, it appears one motorist may not have been paying sufficient attention to the road when he struck a pedestrian.

Car accident injures 4 in Ulster Park

There are many reasons that drivers in New York and elsewhere become involved in motor vehicle accidents. Often times, they involve distracted driving activities, such as fiddling with the radio stations, talking on a cellphone or texting while driving. However, sun glare can also be a cause of car accidents. Yet no matter the cause, a motorist still has a responsibility to drive with a due regard to public safety.

Pit bull attacks on the rise in Brooklyn, residents on alert

Dogs can be very friendly creatures that bring their owner or family plenty of happiness. But, ultimately, they are animals and at any given moment they could bite someone, may it be accidental or not.

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