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Car Accident

Sobo & Sobo – Jerome B.’s Story

Truck Accidents Lawyer

Jerome B. – Injured in a Tractor Trailer Accident Jerome B. grew up in Jamaica, Queens as part of a military family. His father served in the Air Force and once he completed High School, Jerome made the decision to serve in the military as well. Jerome spent 8 years in the Army National Guard…

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Three Seconds can change a life. Distracted Driving


For drivers, a few moments of distraction can have serious consequences.  Just three seconds are all it takes for a crash to occur.  Each day on our highways and bi-ways people’s lives change at the hand of a driver, who wasn’t giving their full attention to the road in front of them.  Driving Distracted If…

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Sobo & Sobo – Robert H.’s Story Robert H. Son of Car Accident Victim

Meeting Greg Sobo “Other than having my dad here with me now, nothing from the start of meeting Greg and him taking the case, till now, I would change absolutely nothing.” Robert H. A few years ago Greg Sobo was having lunch in a Montgomery, NY restaurant when he was approached by Robert H.   Robert…

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Jury Awards Sobo & Sobo Client More Than Ten Times Offered Settlement

On February 16, 2018 a jury awarded a local postal worker who was injured while at work ten times the maximum settlement offered by the defendant’s insurance company. The victim was making deliveries on her rural postal route when she was rear ended. As a result of the car accident her shoulder, neck and lower…

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Man dies in car accident in New York

New York Fatal Truck Accident

One man was tragically killed in the early morning of Oct. 8 after his vehicle was hit by a tractor-trailer, according to police. New York State Police responded to the car accident that claimed the life of a 24-year-old man. Police believe weather conditions may have played a role in the accident, but they are…

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One dead, one hurt in New York car accident

One man is dead and a second seriously injured after a wrong-way crash in Cortland County on the morning of Sept. 22, according to local authorities. New York State Police say the car accident involved a passenger vehicle and a tractor-trailer. It appears the car was traveling the wrong direction when the accident occurred. The…

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1 dead, 1 injured following car accident in New York

A tragic crash in Suffern claimed the life of a 17-year-old student from an Orthodox Jewish school. New York police have reported that another student was also injured in the car accident. So far, police have not filed charges against the driver involved in the crash, but they say their investigation is ongoing at this…

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3 dead, 10 hurt in New York car accident

A tragic crash on the Long Island Expressway has resulted in three deaths and a host of injuries. New York authorities responded to the car accident on Aug. 31. The driver responsible was killed in the crash, so no criminal charges are expected to be filed.  The report states that a sedan traveling at a…

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Toddler injured in New York car accident

A 5-year-old boy is in critical condition following a serious accident in Queens. New York authorities have reported that an MTA bus was rear-ended by a personal vehicle, resulting in the injured child. So far, no charges have been filed in connection with the tragic car accident.  Police have reported that an MTA bus was parked at…

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3 injured in car accident in New York

A crash involving a passenger car and an all-terrain vehicle in Schenectady has sent three people to local hospitals, police have reported. New York authorities report that the car accident took place sometime just after 8:00 p.m. the night of Aug. 14. So far, police have yet to charge either driver with an infraction.  The…

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