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New York Defective Drugs & Devices Lawyers

Over the last 50 years, medications and medical implants have revolutionized the treatment of illness, injury, and disease.  The things that modern medicine can accomplish seem like miracles.  Unfortunately, not all medications and medical prosthesis are as safe.  Over the last few decades, there have been significant problems with some medications and medical devices causing horrendous injuries, suffering and even death in patients.

You want to believe that pharmaceutical companies, medical manufacturers, pharmacies and your doctors have your best interests in mind.
However, that is not always the case.
Sadly, sometimes corporate profits are more important than consumer safety.


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That is why hundreds of class action lawsuits have been filed across the United States to hold these corporations responsible for the harm that they have caused.  These lawsuits seek to prove that drug manufacturers and medical device manufacturers were negligent in the design, creation, and manufacture of their products while seeking to compensate the victims for the pain and suffering they have had to endure.

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To receive fair compensation for your injuries, it is important to have experienced lawyers in your corner to fight for your rights.  The drug and medical device companies are using their profits to hire hoards of lawyers to fight against you and ensure that you do not get one penny.  The attorneys at Sobo & Sobo are currently investigating many dangerous drugs, defective medical devices and toxic torts that cause injuries.  Below you will find all of the drugs and devices we are investigating as well as information about adverse symptoms.

New York Defective Drugs & Devices Lawyers

New York Actos Lawsuit Lawyer

The last thing you need to find out after taking medication that is supposed to help you get better is that the drug is could cause you serious harm and potentially kill you. Actos is one of those drugs. Used to treat type-2 diabetes, the trouble with Actos began when adverse incident reports began to indicate…
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New York Benicar Lawsuit Lawyer

Benicar is a medication prescribed for treating high blood pressure.  Unfortunately patients and doctors alike began to note a link between taking Benicar and severe intestinal issues. It was also observed that once the medication was stopped, the intestinal issues resolved.   A List Of Benicar’s Side Effects Includes:   Serious gastrointestinal issues Fetal toxicity…
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New York Hernia Mesh Injury Lawyer

Imagine having a hernia in need of repair and going to a doctor you trust. The doctor suggests it can be repaired with the latest medical device, hernia mesh and refers you for surgery. You believe the doctor and surgeon will do the right thing by you so you go forward with surgery. At first…
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New York Hips and Knees Injury Lawyer

Over the last decade, there have been several knee and hip prostheses recalled from the market. When a medical device is recalled it means that the product can no longer be used in patients and that people who have had the device implanted will most likely have to have it removed and replaced. Imagine the dismay…
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New York Invokana Lawsuit Lawyer

Have you or someone you love been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and been taking Invokana? If so, have you been experiencing serious side effects such as severe urinary tract infections or kidney failure? Have they suffered a stroke or heart attack? Have they had to suffer through the devastating amputation of a toe or…
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New York IVC Filters Injury Lawyer

Imagine having an issue with blood clots and visiting your doctor. While there you are told you needed an Inferior Vena Cava filter (IVC filter) to catch the potential blood clots to keep them from reaching your heart and lungs. You trust your doctor and so you have the surgery to place the filter. Now imagine that…
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New York Januvia Lawsuit Lawyer

Januvia is a drug prescribed to help patients with type-2 diabetes. With the increase in the number of Americans that have diabetes, drugs like Januvia have become incredibly popular. Most diabetics manage their condition with a combination of diet, exercise, and drugs. Unfortunately, patients taking Januvia began reporting side effects including serious ones such as…
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New York Onglyza and Kombiglyze XR Lawsuit Lawyer

Have you or someone you love been taking Onglyza to control high blood sugar and type 2 diabetes? Have You Suffered From… Heart failure Congestive heart failure Severe joint pain Upper respiratory tract infection Urinary tract infection Headaches Pancreatitis Pancreatic cancer Thyroid cancer Severe, life-threatening allergy reactions Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) Blisters, breakdown of outer…
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New York Opioids Lawsuit Lawyer

Over the last few decades, the United States of America has been slowly suffering from an opioid addiction epidemic. The amount of citizens who have become addicted to opioids over the last 10 years is staggering. With this rise in addiction, it is natural that there has been a significant increase in overdose deaths. This drug…
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New York Pradaxa Lawsuit Lawyer

Pradaxa is a drug prescribed for the prevention of strokes in atrial fibrillation patients. Unfortunately, Pradaxa has been linked to thousands of adverse events resulting from side effects as well as over 1,000 deaths. Patients taking the anticoagulant have been known to literally bleed to death from a minor cut. If you are taking Pradaxa, you…
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New York Risperdal Lawsuit Lawyer

Risperdal is a drug initially developed to treat schizophrenia which has also been prescribed for symptoms of autism and bipolar disorder.  It has been known to lead to serious health issues and sometimes even death to the user. Risperdal side effects: Children have a gynecomastia risk five times higher than the label indicated High psychological…
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New York Roundup Lawsuit Lawyer

Roundup has been used by hundreds of thousands of farmers as a weed killer since 1970. Monsanto has manufactured 1.4 billion pounds of Roundup and it has been used in 160 countries around the World. By the year 2007, Roundup was the most popular weed killer in the United States.   However, over the past…
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New York Talcum Powder Lawsuit Lawyer

Is talcum powder carcinogenic or not? Is Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder and other talc-based products they market, such as Shower-to-Shower, the causal factor in ovarian cancer? This question has been the foundation of numerous lawsuits and a definitive answer appears to be unavailable. We hear you and understand your fears and frustration. Sobo&Sobo L.L.P.…
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New York Taxotere Lawsuit Lawyer

Taxotere is a very popular chemotherapy drug that gained initial Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval in 1996.  It was designed and sold by pharmaceutical company Sanofi.  It was approved for the treatment of many types of cancers, but it is prescribed primarily for breast cancer in women.  Taxotere is so popular with doctors that…
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New York Victoza Lawsuit Lawyer

Victoza (Liraglutide) is a drug that was created to improve blood sugar levels in people who suffer from Type 2 diabetes. Victoza was designed to help better control blood glucose levels and lower hypoglycemia after ingesting food. The drug allows for increased insulin levels when the body needs it, but it also decreases the appetite, thus…
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New York Vioxx Lawsuit Lawyer

Vioxx also referred to as rofecoxib, was sold as a prescription pain reliever and anti-inflammatory medication to treat acute pain, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, migraine, and dysmenorrhoea. In 1999 it was approved by the FDA sales to the public began. Five years later it was pulled off the market in response to close to 27,000 lawsuits…
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New York Xarelto Lawsuit Lawyer

At one time, Xarelto (Rivaroxaban) was considered to be a ground breaker when treating patients with atrial fibrillation and other heart-related issues.  The beauty of its use lay in the fact that users only have to take one pill a day and do not need to have their International Normalizing Ratio (INR) taken constantly, as…
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New York Zostavax Lawsuit Lawyer

Shingles can be a horribly painful disease.  Shingles, also known as herpes zoster, is a viral disease that causes painful tracts of rashes on the skin.  The virus is the same virus that causes chickenpox.  If you had chickenpox as a kid, the virus can remain in your cells for years, only to revitalize later…
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